Junior Golf
At Miramar we have one of NZ'S Largest Junior Plus Programme's, with over 120 Junior's being coached weekly. The programme runs from November until March and children need to be registered in October for the November start date.
Suitable for children 6yrs-18yrs
The Junior Plus golf programme was developed by New Zealand Golf and provides a national standard of excellence for Junior Golf
Junior Plus enables Miramar to provide a welcome environment for young people with a structured Junior Programme based on quality coaching.
The Programme provides a structured, seasonal coaching programme that allocates Juniors into small teams with their own coach who has been trained in the New Zealand Golf coach education programme.
The Programme has a three tier coaching structure, two levels being run by qualified volunteer coaches and a third level run by the Clubs resident Golf Professional.
Level (1) is for new entrants joining the club, mainly primary school children 6-12 years of age.
Level (2) is for Juniors
  • Progressing from Level 1.
  • Juniors at Secondary School
  • Juniors with an official club handicap
Level (3) is for Juniors with a handicap under 25 ,or players who play interclub, either at; Junior Pennants, Watt Cup, or Senior level. They will be coached by the Clubs resident Golf professional.
Juniors joining Miramar, and wanting to be part of the coaching programme, are assessed by the Junior Convenor or Coaching staff to determine what level of coaching they need, depending on their ability and skill level.
Frequently Asked Question
Club Miramar
Club Personnel Mike Jackson Junior Convenor
Start Date First week in November
How To Register To register you must contact the office and complete an enrolment form and pay your annual membership subscription. Existing members must also fill in the registration form if they want to join the programme. The office is open from Monday-Friday 9am-4.30pm. Saturday 9am-11am. Phone 801-7649 e-mail: juniors@miramargolfclub.co.nz
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Total club membership 800
No. of junior members 120
No. of junior boys 114
No. of junior girls 6
Juniors participating in the Junior Programme Juniors taking part in the Junior programme become members of the club. (See membership categories below.)
How do I get a handicap
You must complete five rounds of 18 holes and submit these cards to the handicapper.
Non handicapped golfers can generally play after 1.30pm. Check with the starter on 801-7649 for start times. Over the school holidays check with the starter and you maybe able to play earlier
Junior age groups
  • Under 18yrs ( 12yrs and over can play on the course by themselves)
  • Under 12 yrs. This category has playing restrictions.
Safety is paramount
When the Under 12yr Junior plays on the course he/she must be accompanied by ; 
  • A parent or adult family member
  • A specified full playing member
  • The coach
  • A Junior who holds an attainment of certificate
Junior membership capacity
The Junior Programme is limited to the number of Junior Coaches which is determined before the start of each programme every year in early November. Junior Programme registrations are taken throughout the year by registering at the office.
Note: Priority system 
  1. Children of coaches
  2. Children, whose Parents who are members of the club
  3. Existing Junior members and their siblings
Junior Programme. Maximum ratio number of Junior coach to player is 1Coach:8 players
What happens if I miss out on this years programme?
By becoming a member you receive all the usual playing opportunities as mentioned and you will be higher in the priority system for the next programme.
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Written club plan
All Junior enquires should be made though the office.
Written Plan
To attract and promote the development of Juniors. This plan is managed by various committees. i.e Junior committee-? Men?s Committee-? Board.
This plan covers the following;
Encourages Juniors to;
  • Obtain a handicap
  • Play Junior and Men?s interclub
  • Play in Junior and Club competitions
  • Receive free Professional coaching.
  • Play in Open Tournaments
  • Access to clubhouse eg. Hours, Gaming machines, Alcohol (See clause 23 of the Miramar handbook)
  • Dress
  • Golf rules
  • Etiquette
  • Hours of play, Practice areas and times (See clause 6j of the Miramar handbook)
  • Juniors must be 12years and over before they can go onto the course by themselves
Attainment of certificate.
  • A member of the Junior Committee interviews the Junior to establish whether he/she understands issues such as etiquette, rules, card completion, and handicapping. When they pass they will enjoy the same playing rights as ordinary members
To promote the development of Junior Programme coaches. Without these volunteers the Junior Coaching Programme would not work. Volunteers include members, parents, and grand parents of the Juniors. These volunteers may not necessarily play golf or know anything about the game. They will go on a 5 hour free course with a trained golf coach who can explain how the level 1 coaching manual works. We strongly recommend anyone who is serious about their child?s golfing future to attend one of these courses. To registrar contact the office.
$100.00 will be deducted from your child?s subscription, or your subscription, if you volunteer to become a coach.
Lockers/Storage of golf clubs.
Lockers in the Men?s changing room may be hired from the office. Clubs may also be stored on the shelves in the trundler room providing there is sufficient space.( Check with the Pro shop)
Miramar does not cover loss or damage to golf clubs while they are in the trundler room
Written junior plan adopted by club Yes
Junior representative on club committee Yes
Junior committee operating Yes. Comprising of the, Junior Convenor; One Junior Interclub Team Manager, One Junior Programme coach, and the Men?s club captain
Frequency of junior committee meetings Monthly
Targets included in the plan Yes. To promote the clubs written plan
Targets linked to overall club plan Yes
Junior membership categories
  • Under 21 Under 18 years
  • Under 12yrs. (No Minimum age)
  • See Playing conditions mentioned above in Junior age section
Desire to increase junior numbers
For the Junior plus membership. To increase numbers up to the amount of available coaches. Ideal maximum coach to number of juniors ratio is 1:8
Desire to increase active juniors Yes
Junior Personnel
Boys Junior Convenor Yes
Girls Junior Convenor Yes
Role description provided by the club
A Committee member who is responsible to;
  • Advertise for interested Junior Programme coaches during the year
  • Liaise with the District Junior Development Manager about coaching training sessions. i.e level 1,2 etc, and in turn advise the Junior plus coaches. 
  • Send out reminders to the previous years Junior Programme members to see if they are interested in taking another coaching programme
  • Send emails to the various schools and colleges in the area to attract new members.
  • Hold an email register of coaches and Junior Programme members.
  • Sort out classes based on age, sex, and ability. Try to stay to a maximum ratio of 1 Coach: 8 Juniors
  • Hold meetings with coaches and organize a timetable for coaching times. Check times with the General Manager to make sure the course is free.
  • Hold meetings with Junior members, and Junior coaches and report to the Men?s committee meeting held every month.
  • Advise various issues at the monthly mens committee meetings such as, Junior Plus Numbers, Interclub results, Disciplinary issues, Promising young juniors, Junior Tournament results
  • Hold meetings with the General Manager to discuss such issues as funding for Junior tournaments, Professional coaching, Transport costs to tournaments, Tee booking times for junior events, and Interclub team uniforms.
  • Appoint Junior Managers for the Junior interclub teams. Provide them with information on team uniform, Catering, Tee times and Venues.
  • Make sue they have a team list and club programme. These are usually club members or parents of Juniors in that team
  • Manage the Watt Cup Div 1 team
  • Keep an up to date Junior notice board
  • Send out notices to Juniors regarding tournaments ,Results and Happenings
How was the junior convenor appointed At the AGM
Personnel on junior committee Junior Convener, One Junior Interclub Team Manager, One Junior Plus Coach, Men?s Club Captain
Junior club captain Yes
Questions Comments
Structured development programme Junior Programme? Obtain handicap-? Professional coaching-? Wellington Youth Development Squads-? Wellington Srixon Academy--? National Titleist academy
Annual Schedule (Seasonal approach) The Junior Programme is held during the daylight saving hours
Juniors in groups ( max 8 per group) Yes
Graduation through levels Stage 1, Stage 2. At the completion of stage 2 Juniors should have a handicap.
Coaching or playing focus Yes
Playing time is part of the programme Yes. After hitting balls on the range the coach can take the Juniors onto the course
Primary school links Eastern Suburbs primary schools.
Intermediate schools links Evans Bay Intermediate
Secondary school links The existing members come mainly from Wellington Boys , Wellington Girls, Scotts, Rongotai, St Pats Town, Wellington East, and St Catherine?s.
Includes rules and etiquette Hand books and advice are given by the office at the time of joining. Junior coach?s and managers also teach etiquette and rules in the coaching programme
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Are girls coached separately from boys
Yes, where possible
Most of the girls are in the same group. There are some girls who cannot make the same time so they are mixed with the boys
Goals for girls golf To promote their development
Annual growth target 100%. Miramar has only 3 Junior Under 18 players playing regularly
Does the club have female coaches Yes.
Are there separate junior girls competitions No, because of the lack of numbers. This will change once the numbers increase. Handicapped Junior girls with a ?certificate of attainment? can enter some of the Ladies or mixed club competitions.
Questions Comments
Who does the coaching Parents, Grandparents, Members, Miramar Club Professional.
Are they using a professional Yes. Once they have attained their handicap
How often professional used For handicapped players; Monthly
Is the professional paid Yes. By the club.
What happens when the Junior coaching sessions are likely to exceed their maximum numbers
A Ballot will take place in the last week in October to determine the final twenty places.
For those of you unsuccessful, your child will be put on a waiting list. (Either an existing Junior member withdraws or a parent comes forward and offers to coach a new group)
Your child is still a member of the club and the normal playing conditions as mentioned above will apply.
When does the coaching start and how long are the sessions
The coaching starts in the first week in November and finishes at the end of daylight saving. There is a break for school holidays from late December to the end of January.
Coaching sessions are weekly and last for one hour.
Lessons are taken after 4pm on Monday- Friday, and one on Saturday
When you register at the office the session times will be available for you to choose from 
Recruitment plans for coaches Notices are put on golf club notice boards for members. Previous years Junior Programme parents are asked if they would be interested in coaching. Parents and Grandparents of the Juniors are asked if they would be interested in coaching.
Current trained coach / pupil ratio 1:8
Juniors used for coaching Occasionally a Watt Cup 1st Div player is invited to join the session and to help demonstrate
What happens if it is raining the day of the lesson Call your child's coach to check if the lesson has been cancelled
Questions Comments
Is there an annual junior budget set Yes. Set by the General Manager and Board
Fundraising event Yes. The club has various club competitions to raise money for the junior fund.
Separate account held Yes. Run by the General Manager and Board
Is there cost for professional coaching Yes. The club pays the professional out of the junior account
Outside funding sought Yes. Pak'n'Save Kilbirnie and The Eastern Suburbs Trust have sponsored the juniors account in the past
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All junior members are on the NZ Golf . Handicapping Website Yes
Questions Comments
Pennants / Watt Cup Teams Yes. 3 teams. Junior members with handicaps are encouraged to play interclub
Junior club championship Yes.
Competition provided within programme levels Two Junior Programme Ambrose Tournaments are held. One in mid December and one at the end of the course in March. A small entrance fee is charged ($3.00). All the fees go towards prizes. All Junior competitors to receive a small prize.
Other club junior events There are four other Under 18 junior events held during the year. Two Match play, one Stoke play, and one Medal.
Open junior tournament Yes. There is a 12 month Junior Golf Circuit around the Wellington golf clubs
Age group events Yes. Under 19yrs, 17yrs and 15yrs. Separate groups for girls
Frequency of competition for juniors Junior and Men's Interclub. Once the junior has attained a certificate of attainment he or she can enter a whole range of club competitions. See clause 6j of the Miramar programme book
Year round Yes
Eligibility for club events Yes. See clause 6j of the Miramar programme
Assistance for tournament play Yes. Selected Juniors, with handicaps 1 or less, may receive assistance out of the Junior fund for entrance fees at the discretion of the General Manger
Questions Comments
Juniors in District Teams Two
Juniors competing outside the club Yes. All the Juniors are sent an email by the Junior Convenor encouraging them to play in the Wellington Junior Order of Merit Tournaments. Also, notices are put on the Junior notice board.
Players in the district training squad One in district, and two in younger Wellington development squads
Juniors competing outside the district Two regularly
Best achievement New Zealand Junior Representative
Goals for achievement Miramar?s strong club support for juniors will make it easier to attain its goals.
  • Recognition of current and past juniors
  • Presentations are done in front of a packed club house on club days.
  • Letters of recognition are sent to players.
  • Junior successes are noted in the club newsletter 
Wellington Golf Association http://www.wga.co.nz/ This website gives more information on Junior golf
Junior Resources
Equipment suitable and available Yes. New equipment purchased in 2004 for the junior plus programme. This gear is held in the lockers in the trundler room.
Practice facilities
  • Practice putting green
  • After 5pm, the Range between the 1st and 3rd fairways
  • Chipping green
Use of any Golf Foundation resources Yes
Use Junior Resource Kit Yes
Junior tees and or course Yes. Red tees are used for the Junior plus programme
Questions Comments
Use of course by juniors ( clearly defined playing rights) Yes. See clause 6j in the Miramar programme book
Access to clubhouse facilities Yes. See clause 23 of the Miramar programme book