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As The Double Glazing Guys we offer you a double glazing service for your timber windows and doors. We know windows and doors - we make quality timber joinery and so understand the need for quality double glazed work. We can do this onsite at your home or at our factory premises.

Once the process for installation has started, in most instances it is a same day service. We remove the sashes in the morning and put them back in by the afternoon.

If you are unsure if your existing timber joinery can be double glazed please contact us as we will be able to advise you on what will work best for your home. As we are also a joinery factory we are able to make new timber windows and doors to match your existing home's profiles. We have over 120 different timber profiles available to us so matching your existing joinery is usually no problem.


The French Door Factory was established in 1986. We have a variety of different styles ranging from the traditional 1800's Colonial look through to more modern designs.

We can customise any design to suit your needs - just contact us about your ideas and sketches and we can quote your job for you. We discuss your needs and can design doors & windows best suited to your home.

All our products are created by skilled tradesmen, for builders and renovators with a taste for excellence in home improvements. Mouldings and profiles are direct copies of traditional styles, many of which are no longer available as original pieces - this includes the restoration of window sashes to keep your home's classic look.

Doors and windows are supplied in natural or painted finishes. Leadlighting can be arranged for windows and doors as well as single and double glazing. Delivery can be arranged for any destination in New Zealand - joinery price usually includes delivery in the Wellington area.

We offer FREE argon gas insulation with every double glazing order for all Miramar Golf Club members and visitor players. Call us on 04 387 7822 or 027 232 9890.