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AMP – John Soulis

Insurance and financial planning is not about “one size fits all”. AMP City Financial Services provides personalised advice and service that works in the best interests of you, your family and business. The premiums and products offered are direct from the insurance companies and banks - so you can expect no hidden administration fee or broker fee. The insurance and lending terms the business put forward, they're confident that they can meet your needs.

AMP City's advisers are professional with industry relevant qualifications, who pride themselves on great service. Appointed as a Director of Wellington City Financial Services in 2005, John’s role within AMP City is continuing with what he has been succeeding at for over 20 years; taking care of his clients’ insurance requirements. John is a strong believer in “honesty, integrity and service.” John is Wellington born and bred, married with three children and has lived in the Eastern Suburbs for over 45 years. John’s clients are located locally, nationally and internationally. These clients have chosen John to provide insurance ranging from multi-million dollar buildings, to third party car insurance as well as life and income protection insurance. An ample understanding of property, business and personal risk protection is only part of what has made John a successful insurance adviser in New Zealand. What he is admired for first and foremost, is his ability to be there for his clients when they need him most.