Women's Golf
Women's golf is alive and well at Miramar Golf Club where a warm and welcoming atmosphere is abound. If you'd like to be part of a friendly and welcoming culture which is provided at Miramar Golf Club we'd love to hear from and make you feel most welcome. 
With regular Ladies competitions during the week on our lovely course, the Ladies also enjoy many fun days during the year often followed by a lunch.
Not only can you be included in the golfing "family" at Miramar, the Ladies are also very pro-active in organising social events.
Ladies Golf Getaways are also part of the social calendar and enjoyed by many. 
You can contact us on our email address:  miramarladiesgolf@gmail.com to hear more.
Tip of the Month 
Reading the Green 
Good green reading comes with experience. Taking notice of the grain is one aspect which will help your putting. 
Grain refers to the direction in which the blades of grass grow. If the green appears light, you know you're putting against the grain; if it's dark you're downgrain. 
Putting is also affected by how hard or soft the greens are, the wind conditions and the time of day. 
Rule of the Month 
Rule number 16. 1-f - Testing the Surface of the Green. 
During a round, a player must not test the surface of any putting green by rolling a ball or roughening or scraping the surface. 
Scheduled Events 
Scheduled Events are now available by clicking on Upcoming Events from the Members section.
Golf Coaching
For further information ask Chris or Andrew at the Golf Studio.