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As Chartered Accountants, Ben Duflou and the All Accounted For team can offer more than just annual accounts and tax returns. We provide and assist with delivering the tools owning a successful business needs, such as monthly reporting, business planning, budgeting and tax planning.

We utilise world leading cloud software, such as Xero, to ensure our clients have timely and accurate information to monitor business performance in real time. We are able to track against key targets, identify trends early and assist owners grow their businesses.
We provide services across a wide range of industries, including extensively within the property sector, construction trades, contracting, franchise and the educational sector.

We have experienced many of the challenges over the years that growing businesses face, such as capacity, staffing, margins and marketing to name a few. We draw on the “have been there, done that” experience when meeting with our clients, allowing us provide valuable insight and guidance. We have developed strong relationships with other advisors in areas such as law, human resources and banking, so our clients can surround themselves with a team of trusted experts.

We have developed best practice solutions using complementary applications to Xero, such as Fergus, Workflowmax, Timely, ReceiptBank and many more, to save our clients time and help increase profits. We use Spotlight Reporting to provide easy to understand reporting and colour coded graphs to deliver meaningful and understandable information to our clients; as they say, a picture, in this case a graph, really is worth a thousand words.

If you want to take your business to the next level or just want to ensure you are getting the best advice for your business, give me, Ben Duflou, a call on (04) 970-1182 to arrange a no obligation meeting. Or if you prefer email me,
Also when you join as a client, mention you’ve seen us at Miramar and go into our 3 monthly golf prize draw.